The 11 pillars of wellness and self-actualization

Holistic wellness is the ultimate destination in life every person desires to reach. We all thrive to feel well, but very few understand that it takes holistic self-work to reach true wellness. Actually, I see holistic wellness a synonym for Maslow’s top of the need hierarchy – self-actualization.  There are 11 pillars of wellness we need to activate in order to reach the ultimate state of being.

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11 pillars of wellness

The 11 pillars of wellness

I divided the 11 pillars of wellness in 3 groups:


All 3 areas of wellness are indeed connected and complement one another. Even though usually one pillar effects more than one area, there is one that it’s effecting the most.

For example, regular work out not only benefits your physical body, it also enhances mental activity, mood and can also be fun. 🙂

True self-actualization cannot take place unless all of 3 areas are activated. Life is all about balance, after all.


#1 Physical wellness

Physical wellness can only be reached by activating following pillars:

  • Balanced diet: delivering all of the nutrients and energy body needs. After all, we are what we eat.
  • Plenty water: human body consist about 60% of water. Water delivers nutrients to cells, flushes out all the toxins that can damage it and helps maintaining the body temperature. We need to drink water, not empty calories.
  • Regular work out: bodies are made to move. Whatever the body doesn’t use, it gets rid of it – in this case: muscle. That leads not only to less power and energy to handle everyday life. It also creates disbalance in hormonal system.
  • Daily sunshine and outdoor: sunlight exposure is crucial for our physical and mental health, because it helps our body produce vitamin D. Staying connected to nature is important as well, staying grounded is basis for any accomplishment in life.
  • Rest and relaxation: resting and sleeping time is when our body (and mind) regenerates and basically allows body to heal and renew its power.


#2 Social wellness

The next dimention of wellness is all about:

  • Loving relationships with family and friends: people are social creatures and we need a feeling of connection with people in our environment.
  • Work: sharing your talents and contributing to community through working gives us purpose in life and provides us sense of belonging as well as connection.
  • Making time for fun: doing things we like is essential to keep us from feeling trapped and overwhelmed, and helps us dealing with everyday life, which can of course get stressful.


#3 Mental wellness

There is no higher state of being without nourishing the mind by activating following pillars:

  • Personal growth: lifelong learning, unleashing that full potential is elementary for ones happiness and success. It is the foundation of emotional, physical, intellectual, and spiritual health.
  • Spiritual growth: exploring the world of greater dimensions will make you feel like a part of something bigger, give you hope and help you endure the difficult times. It will also help you get in touch with your true inner self and help you find your path of happiness in life.
  • Meditation and visualization: complete peace of mind, living the present moment and visualizing your ideal life will help you build self-confidence, move in the direction of your goals and reach true self-actualization.

Written by:

Tanja, your wellness and success coach


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