Food supplements can be a great nutritional support during the process of lifestyle change

If we were living in an ideal world, my answer to the question “Supplements: yes or no?” would be flat “NEVER”! But we’re not. There are several reasons and circumstances when using food supplements is actually a good, healthy and responsible decision. Today I’m going to focus on one particular aspect: the very beginning of our journey towards healthier lifestyle.

food supplements

If you’re looking for a lasting change

There are so many upsides to healthy lifestyle and people are hearing about it more and more often. Which of course is more then necessary after the damage “the industry” has caused in our lives. Quality matters no more. It’s all about numbers and profit.

The consequences of the modern way of life:

  • the soil is depleted and¬†impoverished,¬†consequently so are the plants we consume
  • our diet today is lacking diversity
  • the food is exposed to so many toxins
  • the intake of antibiotics and other medicine has increased
  • the amount of stressful events in our everyday life has increased significaly
  • the quality and amount of sleep has decreased
  • we spend to much time sitting down and in closed spaces

And “problems” do not finish here.

We are over exposed to information and many of these information have the sole purpose: to influence our decision. All of that make it very difficult for us to make smart decisions and stay disciplined when we do decide it’s time to change our lifestyle.

That is NOT an excuse to do nothing, however.

Our hands are not tied. In the end it is us that decide, it is us who take actions.

If we really set our mind to it, we will succeed. Some will make it faster, while for others it might take a little longer to fully take control.

One thing is certain: if we are looking for a lasting change, we will introduce changes in nutrition and lifestyle one step at a time. Otherwise, most people will get overwhelmed and just quit, thinking that they just don’t have what it takes.

We all have what it takes when using the right strategy.

Food supplements can be a great support during the process of lifestyle change

One of the key elements of health, even more so during weight loss process, is the sufficient micro nutrient intake. Micro nutrients participate in all major chemical processes in our body and are essential for its normal functioning. And it is not always simple to consume sufficient amount of all the vitamins and minerals. Specially if our starting point is particularly unhealthy, which means it will take longer for us to start eating right.

In which case the supplements of essential nutrients you are currently not getting with food are a healthy and responsible decision.


Written by:

Tanja, your wellness and success coach