Hey, Tanja here.

It’s funny. I ask my self the “who am I” question all the time, still I find it so hard to write an about me page.

Let’s see…

I’m first of all a mom. My beautiful girl Aria is absolutely the most amazing thing I’ve ever created and my biggest pride, no doubt.

I’m also nutrition adviser, organisational geek, self-made yogi … even used to be a fitness freak back in the days. And the biggest fan of martial arts ever. 😃

Doing what I love is one of the most important things to me.


I feel promoting a healthy lifestyle and helping people find more wellness in their life. What I like doing the most is helping people through lecturing and one on one sessions, both live and online.

You will also get plenty free advice on my blog. I’ll be writing about the stuff I know and care about. About the stuff that makes you and your life better in every way.

I hope you’ll appreciate the advice you’ll find. I’m an objective truth seeker. Not pro or con anything ‘a priori’. And most of all I don’t believe in quick fix.

I believe in a lifetime lasting fix.

And those take effort and time. But they’re totally worth it, I promiss. 🤗

Tanja, your wellness coach


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